The proposed timeline for PALAEOTRIP is shown below. We are well aware that few deadlines survive contact with academics, but we will be trying to run a tight ship. 

Current project phase: The protocol paper is published (as of Nov. 1, 2017), and we are currently accepting contributions.

January 2017 :

January - June 2017:

May - June 2017: 

July - August 2017:

August - December 2017:

January - April 2018:

May - July 2018:

July - August 2018:

September 2018 :

October 2018:

Submit description/protocol paper.

Review of description/protocol paper. Community feedback on experimental design.

Respond to review of protocol paper and finalize protocol.

Final protocols published.

Contribution of radiative transfer model runs.

Follow up with participants for their contributions.

Analysis of model output by PALAEOTRIP team.

Write results paper and circulate to co-authors.

Co-author comments.

Revise and submit results paper.